Saturday, January 3, 2015

Day 3 Glass Powder Sgraffito Challenge

glass powder bullseye sgraffito fused frit painting lighthouse cliff ocean sea flutterbybutterfly flutterbyfoto day 3
Glass Powder Sgraffito Frit Painting of a Landscape

Today's challenge was to make a landscape using only your fingers and a business card as tools.  I have always wanted to work in landscape format but get scared when thinking about creating depth and easily recognizable objects in layers.  This landscape was created from my husband's photo of Cape Zanpa Lighthouse in Okinawa.  I tried to make three distinct tonal variations for the sky, the water and the cliff face.  I used my pinky finger to make the subtle clouds in the sky.  Also, I used the business card to create a definitive horizon, a strong blocky texture to the cliffs and sweeping lines for the surf breaking. 

Cape Zanpa Lighthouse in Okinawa