Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Coneflower Dragonfly Fused Glass Art Window Panel

Coneflowers grow in a glass garden window hanging as dragonflies dart about looking for a warm place to bask in the sun.

Art Coneflower Dragonfly Hanging Flower Fused Stained Glass Window Panel
A Fused Glass Garden of Dragonflies and Flowers

The coneflowers are created from opaque Bullseye glass in shades of smoky lavender and soft sky blue.  Each flower sits atop a hand-pulled variegated green stem with transparent foliage.  When fired in the kiln, the transparent glass edges will soften, creating muted greenery while the opaque flower petals stay crisp.

Art Dragonfly Bug Insect Flight Flying Hanging Flower Fused Stained Glass Window Panel
Iridescent Fused Glass Dragonfly

Each hand cut, fused glass dragonfly was designed with transparent bluish purple wings.  The iridescent glass used for the wings has a shimmery finish that reflects rainbows when the light catches.

Art Coneflower Cone Flower Hanging Echinacea Fused Stained Glass Window Panel
A Smoky Lavender Coneflower

This finished window hangs from a set of Aanraku roll hooks and brass chain that seem to accessorize an outfit like the perfect necklace.